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Updated: March 18th, 2019       ***ANY YEAR***ANY MAKE*** ANY MODEL***

Wireless Remotes

I'm now stocking the most common vehicle wireless remote security transmitters for GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. Asian and European vehicle remotes are being added over time. The remotes are good quality aftermarket units that are reasonably priced and include programming them to your vehicle.

I have sourced good suppliers that offer replacements for most types of vehicle remotes, including keyed, hidden key and keyless remotes.  Keyed, hidden key and keyless remotes are special order only at this time, but I can usually have them on hand in 3-5 working days.

Standard Keys
There are no plans to add keycutting, locksmithing or off-site programming to the services my shop offers. If you need a new set of keys or locks, please contact your locksmith and have the keys made first. When you bring your vehicle and the keys to me, I can program them to your vehicle. I can also have them made here at an additional cost for a mobile locksmith service to make them.

High Security Keys

The high security keys used by certain OEM models cannot be reliably cut (to the best of my knowledge) and have to be replaced with the corresponding lock when they fail or wear out. I can source replacements and reprogram them if needed.

Chipped (RFID) Vehicle ignition keys

I can reset and program most OEM immobilizers currently, but there is no across the board standard at present on how OEMs choose to implement their vehicle security systems technology. As such, there have been a few models that I've not been able to reset or program. 

With the equipment I have now and the LSID I've been granted, I should be able to either utilize the equipment I currently have for resets and programming, or be able to access OEM specific vehicle immobilizer software, in order to reset and program vehicle immobilizers for all makes and models now and in the foreseeable future.

It can be difficult to assess and discuss over the phone, so if you have questions feel free to call about what you have and we'll go from there. When I find a good vehicle immobilizer matrix, I'll add that here too.


Alarm System

Anti-Theft systems (OEM only)

It's now official. I've been background checked and approved as a Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) through the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) and have been issued an LSID.

Vehicle Security

I presently can diagnose and repair all original equipment anti-theft systems. Aftermarket alarms and remote start systems depend on the availability of parts and service information.

Although I can troubleshoot and diagnose most aftermarket alarm/anti-theft/remote start systems where wiring and controller information is still available for the unit, there are no plans presently to add the installation of aftermarket alarm systems to the services I provide.