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Updated: July  15th, 2018       ***ANY YEAR***ANY MAKE*** ANY MODEL***

Quarterly Special

***4th Quarter 2016 Special***

***$35 Off Any Electrical-Electronics Repair or Diagnostic***

Bottom line: If it's electrical and it doesn't work right, I can fix it. Any year. Any make. Any model.

I also do just about any type of repairs, service or routine maintenance on any year, make or model of automobile and trucks, but electrical/electronics diagnostics and repairs are my specialty and represent the bulk of the work I do.

This is kind of a difficult area of work to describe and can range from simple charging/starting problems, lighting and wiring repairs, warning lights and instrumentation diagnostics/repairs, comfort, safety and accessory diagnostics/repairs; to OEM level vehicle programming and flash updates, and replaceable module or control unit board and semiconductor component level diagnostics/repairs.

I'm often asked "Can you fix _________.......?"

The answer is yes. I can, but it all depends on availability of replacement components and devices, which is sometimes hit and miss and depends on many variables. If a replacement part can be sourced though, I can do the repairs.

I do have an arsenal of suppliers and sources for electronic components and devices at the ready and do have many of the more common failure items and semiconductor devices in stock. Many thousands of others are just a few days mail order time away.

So if you have something in or on your vehicle that doesn't operate as it should and you'd like it to work again, I do have a number of good repair solutions for common problems and can take care of the problem in-house in most instances.

There is no catalog or published information anywhere that I'm aware of that shows component level or unit level repairability information, by year, make and model application, but more often than not, after seeing it, I can repair the problem.

If it can't be done because of something like a limited production or unavailable proprietary device or chip, I can usually find a reasonably priced next higher replacement unit or component to get the job done in-house.

From now until the end of the year, I'm offering $35 off (.5 hour shop time) on any automotive or truck electrical or electronics repair, including diagnosis time and bench time.

This is a website offer only. You'll need to mention this ad to take advantage of the discounted price.

All Years. All Makes. All Models.

(Note: I don't do mail order repairs of components, modules or control units. There are many reasons for this. I do on-vehicle diagnostics and repairs only. Another thing I cannot do is any repair requiring a limited production proprietary device, like an OEM board controller, CPU or IC chip, unless the device or chip happens to be available somewhere else in the aftermarket. Chips, obviously, can't be repaired, but chips are also seldom the cause of a failure.)Type your paragraph here.

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