Paul grew up in Newark, Delaware, where he began to learn the automotive trade as an apprentice at 15 years of age. Paul later became a full fledged auto mechanic specializing in 'tune-ups' (back when you could still actually do such a thing), carburetion, alignments and brakes.

It wasn't long before Paul got curious about the world and wanted to explore a new career. He joined the US Air Force in 1984 to learn new skills and see the world. That's also how he met his wife, Lori, at Ramstein Air Base, a US Air Force installation in W. Germany, where both were stationed.

Paul and Lori married and eventually moved back to Lori's childhood home in Whatcom County, Washington, in 1991. Paul is a loyal, dedicated and a loving husband to his wife of 31 years, Lori, and "daddio" to their two children, both of whom grew up and attended Meridian District schools in Whatcom County. Both are now grown and married and Paul is now also blessed to be 'Baba' to his granddaughter.

While serving in the USAF, Paul trained to become a combat avionics technician on tactical fighter/bomber aircraft, becoming skilled in low light television, infrared detection/imaging, laser target designation and electro-optical sensor systems used on various USAF aircraft. Paul was later selected as one of 10 'avionics troops' USAF wide to become an avionics instructor on a new system (then) called LANTIRN that was being added to USAF inventory.

Paul was later Honorably Discharged from active USAF service at the rank of Sergeant and cross trained into aircraft propulsion systems in the USAF Reserve, then later became a Combat Communications Systems Controller/technician in the Washington Air National Guard. After completing his USAF Reserve and WA National Guard commitments, Paul was Honorably Discharged at the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Paul recently completed 11 years of service to the citizens of Whatcom County as a deputy sheriff and a detective, where he employed his specialized training, automotive background, military training and investigative skills in auto theft investigations, as well as building bait cars for use in auto theft prevention/interdiction locally, including one for the City of Seattle.

In addition to having over 30 years of experience repairing and servicing cars and trucks, Paul was licensed as an auto emissions systems expert in Colorado and Washington and has completed over 3,000 hours of specialized automotive technology and diagnostics training over the past three decades.
Although his latest NIASE certifications have lapsed, Paul has been a certified Master Auto Technician for many years and supports voluntaryNational Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NIASE, better known today as ASE) certification. Paul was also amongst the first in the country to receive the NIASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist ranking.

Throughout his life, Paul continued to be involved in automobile diagnostics and repairs and continued to educate himself on the latest automotive technologies and trends. Paul regularly reads industry information, training bulletins and stays up to date on the latest technology and industry changes to be prepared for every vehicle type on the road today, whether that be a classic car or truck, or the latest models, including hybrids and electric vehicles.

Currently, Paul is working on obtaining vehicle security credentials (LSID) through National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) in order to be able to access controlled OEM specific vehicle security information that will allow him to better serve his clients, perform OEM dealer level programming, security diagnostics and systems repairs on vehicle security systems, as well as programming high security RFID (chipped) keys and security system fobs.

Aside from working "in the shop," Paul enjoys staying up on politics and current events, researching, listening to his music collection, working on projects around the farm, going on motorcycle rides with Lori, going to movies with friends and watching several good TV shows that he and Lori both thoroughly enjoy. Walking Dead, Law & Order, Major Crimes, Justified, Longmire, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest and Hell On Wheels being amongst their favorites.

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